Semănătorul. The Journal of Ministry and Biblical Research, ISSN 2515-3218

Semănătorul (the Sower), the Journal of Ministry and Biblical Research of Emanuel University is published bi-annually since 2017. Its purpose is to be an international, evangelical, peer-reviewed Journal which expounds and defends historic Christian faith and informs and guides regarding faithful ministry practice. The primary audience will be theological students, pastors and Christian scholars. The aim is to introduce them to valuable academic contributions from the English-speaking world and to promote Romanian theological research to the global church family. Rather than theological abstraction, the journal endeavours through biblically faithful, rigorous scholarship to address important biblical issues and practical pastoral and leadership problems.

Therefore, articles which are original will be published that focus upon the disciplines of Religious Studies and Theology, including biblical themes and various practical aspects of ministry or leadership.   As an institution of higher learning, Emanuel University promotes a traditionally conservative and trinitarian theology, which will be reflected in the articles of the contributors who are part of its Faculty. Articles written by scholars who share different religious views other than that of the publisher can also be accepted , therefore encouraging dialogue and debate.  Semănătorul is published in conjunction with the “Ethics and Society” Research Centre, also part of Emanuel University, which allows for the dialogue between a specifically Protestant-Evangelical morality and the philosophies of contemporary society.


Articles can be submitted as an email attachment to the Editor in Chief. They should be accompanied with a brief author bio as the first footnote, which also should provide an email address. Please note that all articles must be preceded by a brief abstract (up to 200 words) and five key words. The average length of an article can be 4,000 to 10,000 words, written as a word document in single line spacing to include footnotes and a final bibliography rather than endnotes. Double quotation marks should be used for quotations and single quotation marks within a quotation. Articles in English can adopt either UK or USA spelling and punctuation conventions. Any Romanian articles should also provide the abstract in English. Greek and Hebrew words can be used. Transliteration is also acceptable. For guidance regarding all questions of style, one should refer to the SBL Handbook of Style supplemented by the Chicago Manuel of Style. For example, the Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.) now discourages the use of ibid. for a repeated citation from the previous note.


The Editorial Board will assess every submission and all contributors will be informed in due course on whether their articles are considered for publication or not. Where there are concerns about plagiarism the article will be returned unpublished.

Peer Reviewers

All articles submitted to the editor in Chief will be subject to double-blind peer review by scholars with particular expertise in their field. The reviewers will be scholars not affiliated with Emanuel University.

Reviewers are required to evaluate the articles and provide useful comments to enable the author(s) to improve the quality of the manuscript. Reviewers can comment in terms of originality, contribution to the field, technical quality, clarity of presentation and depth of research. Finally, reviewers will make one of the following decisions about the manuscript;

  • Requires minor corrections
  • Requires moderate revision
  • Requires major revision
  • Not suitable for further processing. In this case, the reviewer provides specific reason(s) why the manuscript will not be further processed.

It should be noted that though a reviewer may give a positive report on a particular manuscript, if the second reviewer raises concerns that may fundamentally undermine the study and results the manuscript may be rejected.

The following have agreed to act as Peer Reviewers.

Philip John McCormack MBE, B.A., MTh, PhD. He is the Principal, CEO and Head of Spurgeon’s College, UK. [email protected]

Dr. Peter Firth, BD; MTh; PhD (OUB Belfast); Recognised Teacher, Irish Baptist College, QUB Belfast. University of Chester, Chester, UK.  [email protected]

Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin, B.A. MTh Th.D. in Church History. He is the Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality and Director of The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. [email protected]

Dr Kenneth Lewis, BS, BTheol. M.Div. PhD. He is Associate Professor of Practical Theology, New Testament and Church History, MidAmerica Baptist Theological Seminary.     [email protected]

Semănătorul. The Journal of Ministry and Biblical Research.  

Editorial Board  

Hamilton Moore (Editor in Chief)

BD Hons. Queens University, Belfast (1983); MTh. Queens University, Belfast (1986); PhD. Queens University, Belfast (1990).

Appointed as NT and Hellenistic Greek Tutor in the Irish Baptist College in 1989 and became also Principal in 1990. Recognised by Queen’s University, Belfast to supervise and examine (as Internal Examiner) to PhD level – 1990-2018 in NT and Biblical Studies.

Recognised Tutor in the Irish Baptist College at all levels for the University of Chester, Chester, UK, 2005 – present.

Holding a Chair in NT in Emanuel University, Oradea, Romania, teaching at all levels, especially Masters level, 2005 – Present

Editorial Advisor Perichoresis, Theological Journal of Emanuel University, Oradea, Romania. 2004 – Present.

Editor in Chief  Semănătorul, The Journal of Ministry and Biblical Research, ISSN 2515-3218  2017 – Present.

Elijah Sorițău

BA in Biblical Studies, Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN 1994

BS in Pastoral Theology, Southeastern Baptist College, Wake Forest, NC 1997

Master of Divinity w/ Biblical Languages, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, NC 1999

PhD in Theology, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, 2012

Grader, in Church History and Homiletics, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC 1995-1999

Adjunct Professor of Preaching, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX 2005-2011

Lecturer, Emanuel University of Oradea, 1999 – present (teaching course in Homiletics, Evangelism and Missions)

Chief Librarian, Emanuel University of Oradea 2011-present

Vice President, Emanuel University of Oradea, 2016- present

Dan Aurelian Botica

Bachelor of Philosophy, Asbury College, Kentucky, USA, 1994.

Master in Biblical Studies w/ Ancient Biblical languages, Asbury Theological Seminary and Master in Theological Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1997.

Masters in Biblical Languages Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2001.

BD in the Faculty of Theology, Emanuel University, Oradea, 2005.

PhD in Semitic Languages, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2007.

Associate Professor in Emanuel University, Oradea 2016 – Present.

President of the Senate.   

Dinu Moga

BA Trinity College of the Bible USA; MTh Westminster Theological Seminary, USA. 2005

2005-2009     BA in Pastoral Theology from Emanuel University from Oradea, Romania.

2010-2012     MTh and Education in the Faculty of Reformed Theology – Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca.

2012-2015     PhD from Ecumene Doctoral School of Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca.

2013 – present Director of Emanuel School of Practical Theology, Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania.

2017-present – lecturer in NT theology, Systematic Theology and Eastern Orthodoxy at Emanuel University of Oradea.

Corin Mihailă

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 2006, SEBTS, Wake Forest, NC.   Master of Divinity with Advanced Biblical Studies and Biblical languages, SEBTS, Wake Forest, NC.   College, June 1997, Institutul Biblic Emanuel (Emanuel Institute of the Bible), Oradea, Romania Majore in Pastoral Baptist Theology.

Associate Professor, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Romanian extension, 2016 – Present (teaching seminars in the DMin program such as Expository Preaching)   Adjunct Professor, Liberty University Online, 2007 – 2020 (teaching courses in OT and NT Introductions and Hermeneutics)   Lecturer, Emanuel University of Oradea, 2019 – present (teaching course in NT Greek Exegesis in college, Hermeneutics and Doctrines of the NT at masters)   Asistent Professor, SEBTS, Wake Forest, NC, 1998-2000 and 2003-2006 (asisting in teaching master and college course in Systematic Theology, NT and Hermeneutics)   Assistant to the director of the PhD program for Dr. Andreas J. Köstenberger, SEBTS, Wake Forest, NC, 2003-2006   Research Assistant for Dr. Andreas J. Köstenberger, SEBTS, Wake Forest, NC, 2003-2004.

Grader SEBTS, Wake Forest, NC, 1998-2000 (Systematic Theology, Greek and NT courses)  

Dr. Adrian Giorgiov

PhD 1996 – 2002: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.

1995 – 1996: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. Predoctoral studies under the coordination of prof. dr. Steve Lyon.

1995 – 1996: Clinical Pastoral Education, Baylor Medical Centre, Dallas, Texas, under the coordination of prof. dr. Doug Dickens.

BD 1991-1995: Baptist Theological Academy Budapest,Bachelor in Pastoral Theology,

2016 – Present  Dean of the School of Theology, Emanuel University of Oradea.

2012-2016 – Director of the department of Theology, Music, and Socio-Human Sciences of Emanuel University, Oradea.

2004 – Present Vice-president of Temelios Foundation, Oradea.

2002 – Present Associate Professor, Emanuel University from Oradea, Theology department.