Semănătorul (The Sower)

September 2021, Volume 2, Number 2

The Baptist Movement in Romania in its Historical and Religious Context

Dinu Moga

Protestantism influenced Eastern Europe through the Radical Reformation, through German Pietism and especially through a number of Neo-Protestant movements which taught the necessity of personal saving faith and stressed  the importance of a holy and disciplined life. At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century a number of Christian groups emerged in Romania. Among these were the Baptists, whose life and ministry was not easy in its history.
The fall of communism in 1989 gave a sudden freedom to all the evangelical churches which began to experience a revived activity. A new era for the  ebirth and development of the Baptist faith and its Christian education began in Romania. This essay is aiming to explain how it all began and developed in an environment which was hostile in most of the situations.
KEY WORDS: Protestantism, Byzantine orthodoxy, Catholicism, Radical Reformation, conversion, Dacia, Latin, Slavs, Hungarians, Anabaptists, animism, fetishism, naturism, Communism, persecution, saving faith.